The Suites in Castle Rock Villa



The suites have been designed and realized with particular care regarding its functionality and decoration.

Each suite has a private terrace and private access.

Each bedroom has a walk-in closet and 2 massive stone sinks, placed on large solid wood table of either bleached oak or wenge wood. While these suites have similar styles, they all have very different and unique design.

Two suites have a vast circular rainfall type shower facing the sea, and a view or correspondence with their private terrace. All flooring is made up of stone and has been set in a unique pattern to reinforce the exclusive aspect of each room.

Each suite is equipped with small custom furniture incorporating one mini bar, a coffee & tea maker and also Hi-Fi and Wi-Fi.To add even more personality to this prestigious villa.
Each room or suites have been decorated in collaboration with a Parisian gallery to suggest a personalized arrangement of paintings.

Thus, each suite, gym and living room has a series of works by different recognized artists. Particular attention has been paid to the choice of every single work of art ensuring that they respond to each other in accordance with the authors.