Discover Castle Rock Villa

a unique and exceptional villa in the island of St. Barths

Daytime ammenities

The access to daytime part of the villa can be made from the rear of the upper parking. This parking has a capacity of 7 spots for visitors and 2 spots for the owner of the Villa. During receptions, a Valet will significantly incresase the parking capacity. You can access the main entrance by a pedestrian path with a small hill that leads to a cascade and to a large pivot door leading to the living room.

Air-conditioned living room

Air-conditioned living room

A vast air-conditioned living room with floor to ceilingsliding windows (the windows are within the walls) opens to a view of a very large deck facing the sea. It includes four major MINOTTI sofas and two coffee tables in fossil black stone, specially designed and manufactured for Castle Rock Villa. An 80 ’’ mirror television is set on one of the walls.

There is an opening in the living room that has access to a very personalized staircase which has direct entry to 3 of the 5 suites in the villa.

Art gallery


This stairwell was treated as an art gallery. Its upper part contains a 19th century large mirror from an authentic palace of the Marrakech region. On the bottom part of the stairs, you can see a series of large black and white photographs of supermodels that have stayed on the island. A very famous international photographer Jacques Zolty has resided on the Island of St. Barts for more than 20 years. These photos of Claudia SCHIFFER,Kate Moss, and Cindy Crawford, among others, are unique works and have been signed by the artists with the photo-shoot date on the island.

Outdoor living room

Outdoor living room

On the left side of the living room you’ll find a large outdoor living room with a ceiling, facing the sea, just behind the pool. It can accommodate about thirty people seating around small contemporary designed tables.

On the central area, there is a large 19thcentury lantern in bronze, its oriental style gives it a party atmosphere in the evening. The fountain overflowing the pool by a stream crossing the deck brings freshness and a Fen Shui kind of vibe to this part of the villa.

The bar in front of the pool

Open bar

Next to the living room, there is an open bar with a large bright counter overlooking the pool area; this bar connects the open living room and the kitchen. It is equipped with 2 large fridges with ice making machines as well as many KITCHENAID utensils for coffee, fruit juices and cocktails. Outside the bar on the pool deck there are three black stoned champagne buckets, so you are ready to invite people for gatherings.

Pool in front of the sea

Infinity pool

There is an infinity pool facing the sea and two stone surfaced custom made Jacuzzis. (One is on the upper level and the other on the bottom of the overflowing cascade next to suite # 4). The pool is heated by the recovery of heat created by the central air-conditioning.

Large kitchen

Professional kitchen

There is a full-size professional kitchen inside the villa, it is specially designed and built by the French company ATHA-NOR (kitchen designer for professionals, serving many starred chefs in FRANCE but also many chalets in Courchevel). It includes a large kitchen piano with 2 warming cabinets, 2 double boilers, 1 griddle, 1 roller grill, instant heating range-tops and 1 large gas oven.

The kitchen also includes a spit of the same brand, a large freezer cabinet, and a large fridge cabinet; both are also integrated in this space. The kitchen has ample storage space; there is a back kitchen adjoining the main kitchen where the dishwasher and the sinks are. Everything is in professional
stainless steel.

Covered dining room

Dining room

In front of the kitchen is a covered dining room, open on 3 sides with robotic blinds and a 5.2 m long table which is custom-made for 18 guests. The chairs and armchairs around this table are made of recovered wood from Santo Domingo and signed by the contemporary artist Jean-Pierre Frey.

Pool deck

Pool deck

To finalize the description of the daytime ammenities, there is a very large deck that is accessible from the different parts of the Villa surrounding the pool on three sides. All of the outdoor furniture comes from the brand MINOTTI home to ensure greater comfort for all of the residents.

Wine tasting cellar

The cellar with wine tasting facilities


The fitness room

Castle Rock Villa has a gym or fitness room (Technogym) which is equipped with a treadmill (Jogforma), an elyptical bike (Synchro New Forma). It also includes a full weight bench for strength training (Unica Evolution)


The Hammam

This traditional Hammam composed of a warm room and a cold room will welcome you after your busy day to relax.